JWT Dusseldorf Workshop
posted on July 5th, 2014 | in News

JWT Global Graduate Training

June 2014. Dusseldorf. 15TH year of working with JWT's finest young talent who get together for the commando course that is Craft Skills. Craft Skills is a unique annual JWT experience, a chance to spend a week based in another JWT office, learning the full JWT Worldmade planning toolkit before applying it to a live client brief. Tessa Supported all 38 Delegates to handle the stress and delivery challenges of presenting a live brief to clients and industry professionals

"There were stressful points across the week as you know, but so much fun was had as well. You'll have hopefully seen that from the smiles and laughter. New friends, shared jokes and plenty of photos. That's Worldmade in action - knowing that we've all extended our network and have people to call in on when we need to." Craft Skills delegate

"It was such a good experience. Unique in fact. I'm sure there'll be seminars and industry days in the future, but I can't imagine that there'll be another week quite like that where we all worked hard together, and inspired and supported along the way." Craft Skills delegate

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