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posted on May 22nd, 2014 | in News

One Day Workshop: Create Better Ideas & Pitch More Effectively

The Drum Network has once again joined forces with two of the UK’s leaders in their respective fields of creative thinking and pitching skills to deliver another one day training course that will help set you and your agency apart from your rivals in the year ahead.

The founder of creative thinking training consultancy Brain Juice, Gordon Brown, will spend the morning session outlining the creative thinking process and will give delegates some new creative thinking tools and techniques that will enable you to approach problem solving from new perspectives in the years ahead.

The afternoon will be spent in the company of theatre actor and presentation skills trainer Tessa Morton, who will address the issues that all too often stop people communicating the real power of their ideas to potential clients during pitches. Tessa has worked with many of the largest marketing agencies in the UK for some 20 years and has a unique approach to giving people the confidence to communicate with real impact.

Pitching & Presenting: Secrets From The Theatre

There’s no point in generating great strategies and idea if you can’t effectively get the people you are selling them to to buy into them.

Speaking in public can be a horrible experience for many people, but in the marketing industry it is absolutely critical to an agency’s success that all of their staff can speak effectively during pitches and presentations and that they can command the attention of their audience.

The Drum Network has again invited actress Tessa Morton, to offer her unique take on the many challenges that speaking in public under pressure can throw up and all too often derails what would have been a great pitch.

The afternoon session will not be about how to make more attention-grabbing Powerpoint slides. In fact Tessa actively discourages speakers from relying on crutches such as slides and videos and will share many tips on how theatre actors command their audience’s attention and manipulate their emotions to ensure they get their communications across clearly and effectively and with great impact.

Tessa has spoken for The Drum Network in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds and believe us she is certainly one act worth seeing and you will leave with a totally fresh approach to pitching and presenting your business to potential clients that will give you the competitive edge in 2014.

The workshop takes place in London on Thursday 22nd May from 9am to 5pm.

For more information or to book your tickets please click here.

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